Pura Vida!

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Welcome to Sueño Rio Celeste, we are a 7 cabina bed & breakfast nestled between the Tenorio and Miravalles volcanos! Located just minutes outside of Bijagua there are many incredible activities and tours in the area including the one of a kind Rio Celeste Waterfall!

Sueño Rio Celeste is surrounded by lush jungle that is home to countless wildlife, some of our best past time is spent watching the many different birds that love to spend time on our property. We also have a crew of Capuchin monkeys that enjoy popping by quite often and putting on a show for our guests! You never know what you will see in Costa Rica and we find this especially true at our Hotel! For the pleasure and health of our guests and property we are fully non- smoking.

A little paradise on earth
“A dream place. Definitely our favorite place for both accommodation and staff, facililites, surroundings,
breakfast, view, jacuzzi, animals!”

Hotel Guest | Piquecel from France | May 2023

 Locals tell the story of a river turning blue when God dipped his brush in its waters while he was painting the sky.