Meet our Staff

Brayan “Flaco” Chaves – Hotel Manager

Hola ! I am Brayan Chaves Morales, but if you ask about me by that name no one knows me. However, if you ask about ” El Flaco” then many know me! Please call me ” Flaco “.

I recently started working at Hotel Sueño Rio Celeste and I love what I do here. I help people every day which is my passion. I have done this all of my life and I have alot of experience in many types of work which identifies me wherever I am.

It will be a pleasure to be able to help you as well during your visit to this magical place and show you the true meaning of PURA VIDA !

Welcome to Costa Rica !

Rosey – Head of Housekeeping & Decor

Hi, I am Rosey! I am in charge of cleaning and decorating your rooms! I have been working for Sueño Rio Celeste for 12 years and I am so happy to serve each of our visitors! I hope that each of you have a pleasant stay with us, to make this possible, all suggestions to improve your stay are most welcome.

Pura Vida!

Alonso – Head of Gardens & Maintenance

Hello ! I am Alonso and I have been taking care of Sueno Rio Celeste for many years. I take charge of maintenance, gardens and green areas. I do my work with a lot of love constantly striving to have varied flowers and beautiful plants for your enjoyment. Periodically, I will find an interesting amphibian or reptile and make it a point to show it to guests.

I am happy to work at Sueño Rio Celeste Lodge and am available if you need anything at all during your stay, just look for me on the grounds. I live the pure life on my own farm in Bijagua and want you to experience the same during your stay at our peaceful hotel.

Pura Vida !

Our Staff consists of 5 full-time members and several part-time. This crew is crucial to the life of our Hotel and we have been so blessed with such a hard-working and caring group of people. They are eager to create a space for our guests to get away and enjoy!